Independent Recordings

Release Date: 11/10/1998

  1. Those Eyes Lyrics

    Those Eyes

    C&P 1999 Jessica Harp
    Unpublished Work
    All Rights Reserved

    The first thing I’m reminded of is a beautiful summer day
    The way the sun shines on my face, the clouds floating away
    The next thing I see is a sparkling lake, all the clouds in the air
    The sand on the beach, the children play with not one single care

    So what is it that brings to mind all these little thoughts
    It’s something that brings up feelings that I could never ever have

    Those eyes, oh my
    The truest baby blues, bluer than any single sky
    And I fear, oh dear
    That I just might be falling, oh please will you hold me near
    Cause honey, babe, I hope and pray that every day I can see
    Those eyes

    Why is it that I have to catch my breath when I look at you
    Your eyes have something magical, they always know what to do
    To make this girl feel like the most beautiful soul alive
    Please don’t ever go away, I don’t know if I could survive

    Somehow your looks say more then words ever could
    And all I need is to look right back, and oh, everything’s so good

    CHORUS 2x
    Cause honey, babe, I hope and pray that every single night
    And darlin’ every single day, I can see
    Those eyes

  2. Heart on the Run Lyrics

    Heart on the Run

    C & P 1998 Jessica Harp
    Unpublished Work
    All Rights Reserved

    This woman is strong, but this soul is scarred
    There’s not even one feeling I haven’t tried to discard
    There’s a hole in my heart and an ache in my chest
    So I’m packing my bags and I’m heading out west

    I’m heading out tonight, Albuquerque here I come
    I’m leaving everything behind,
    Lord knows my heart needs to run
    I’m desperate for the freedom to let myself decide
    I’m longing for a day that I don’t need to cry

    The time has come, no longer can I lie
    I need to look up, spread my wings, and fly
    Fly high, up to the sky
    Catch my dreams before they pass by

    **CHORUS **

    The time has come, no longer can I lie
    I need to look up, spread my wings, and fly

  3. Here We Go Again Lyrics

    Here We Go Again

    C & P 1997 Jessica Harp/Erik Smith
    Unpublished Work
    All Rights Reserved

    Well my guy walked out just last week.
    And oh I thought he was so sweet,
    and the best that I could get.
    I knew I’d die the night he left.

    But I’m back on my feet
    with gorgeous guys just a followin’ me.
    I thought I’d found heaven in him.
    But girl, look what just walked in.
    Oh here we go again.

    I figured there was no one left.
    That I never would find happiness.
    But seein’ him has changed my mind.
    Cause look at him, he’s just so fine.
    Look at those eyes; clear blue like a summer sky.
    Oh yeah, I think I’ve found the guy that makes the world go ’round.

    Oh, here we go again.

  4. Beggin’ Lyrics


    C & P 1998 Jessica Harp
    Unpublished Work
    All Rights Reserved

    What is this I see
    Are you really on one knee
    Beggin’ me

    And what is this I hear
    As I see one single tear

    What boy, speak up, a little louder
    What did you say

    You want me… back
    Oh I can’t believe that
    You seemed so sure when you walked out my door
    And you’re so… sad
    That you behaved so bad
    What could start this change of heart, you’ve lost your mind,
    I don’t want you… back

    Am I hearing right
    Oh this is a sight

    Did you think
    You could change your mind in just one blink
    Boy, get a shrink

    What babe, spit it out, a little louder
    What did you say


    What you need is a reality check
    Get up off the floor, don’t whine no more
    This is a pathetic display of affection


  5. Memory Lane Lyrics

    Memory Lane

    C & P 1998 Jessica Harp
    Unpublished Work
    All Rights Reserved

    My prayers are my only salvation
    This beat up old Mustang’s my bed
    The words of anger you cried out to me
    Cause the pounding inside of my head

    I’m all alone in this tunnel
    Of hurting and sadness and rage
    And the light at the end’s getting darker
    As my life turns another blank page

    All I can hear is the sound of your voice
    It echoes inside of my mind
    And why our love grew so far apart
    Is one reason I can’t seem to find
    This empty street only gets longer
    As it sadly calls out my name
    I’m taking a trip down roads unknown
    From Heartbreak Avenue to Memory Lane

    I try to make the headlights shine brighter
    To help me find my way
    But nothing will work, no light can I find
    For the night just won’t turn into day


  6. I Think I Love You Too Lyrics

    I Think I Love You Too

    C & P 1998 Jessica Harp
    Unpublished Work
    All Rights Reserved

    A funny thing happened today
    I thought of you,
    And for the rest of the day
    I could not get you outta my head
    Especially those three sweet words you recently said

    I don’t know what to do
    My world is spinning round and round
    Since I met you
    So baby hold me really tight
    I sure won’t put up a fight
    What you’ve done to me I have no clue
    Baby, I think I love you too

    So where do we go from here
    I can’t deny I have some doubts and even some fears
    But I’m pushing them all away
    I wanna be with you every night and every day

    **CHORUS 2x

  7. He’s Found You Lyrics

    He’s Found You

    C & P 1998 Jessica Harp
    Unpublished Work
    All Rights Reserved

    The look in his eyes tells it all
    The look on his face makes the call
    The way he’s talking, the things he’s saying
    Put the writing in place on the wall

    I wonder in you what he sees

    I know that soon he’ll want to be free
    You must be something, he wants your loving
    Enough for him to wanna leave me

    In his sleep at night, he calls out your name
    Since he’s found you, nothing’s the same
    He used to tell me, without me, he wouldn’t know what to do
    Oh, but with me, all he’s done is found you
    With me, all he’s done is found you

    What in the world did you do
    Do you make him feel like someone new
    Cause to me he’s a stranger who’s putting in danger
    My heart and my soul too

    CHORUS 2x

  8. Heartbroken Fool Lyrics

    Heartbroken Fool

    C & P 1998 Jessica Harp
    Unpublished Work
    All Rights Reserved

    You walk in the door
    You look me up and down
    But boy stay away
    Cause you’ve been around this town

    I’ve been without a love
    Oh, a time or two
    But I’m not so weak
    That I’ll fall in love with you

    So boy go away
    I won’t give you the time of day
    I know about you
    I’m an independent girl with a sensitive heart
    So back off you heartbreaking fool

    I don’t know who led you
    To believe you had a chance
    But boy could you please
    Wake up from that trance


  9. Roses are Red Lyrics

    Roses are Red

    Lyrics & Music, Jessica Harp
    C&P 2002 Harpnotes Music (BMI)
    All Rights Reserved

    Roses are red and violets are blue
    Will you be happy if I say I love you
    Sugar is sweet and baby you are too
    I’m going crazy, what can I do

    Do you remember that time, remember that place
    Just you and me, oh yeah, and our dates
    Well it was then that I knew I felt those feelings again
    Just like I did way back when

    If I tell you that I love you will you love me back
    Well honey you used to yeah I remember that

    Well I am yours and babe I wish you were mine
    But the moment’s just seeming to slip on by
    I wish I could stop it put a hold on time
    And tell you everything that I feel inside
    Of me

    Would you like a cup of coffee would you like to go out
    Try not to have a single doubt
    That we could go back to how it used to be
    When I loved you and honey you loved me

    Then you’d hold my hand and whisper in my ear
    And I’d start to laugh and you’d dry my tears
    You’d say, ‘honey, don’t worry, we’ve got each other again
    And we can be so much more than friends’

    If I tell you that I love you will you hold me tight
    And tell me everything is gonna be alright

  10. Dreams Lyrics


    C & P 1998 Jessica Harp
    Unpublished Work
    All Rights Reserved

    Twinkle, twinkle little star
    I need you but you are so far
    My dreams are waiting to come true
    When it’ll happen, I wish I knew

    Guide me please, little star
    Up in heaven, oh so far
    To the places I dream of every night
    While you are shining oh so bright

    Twinkle, twinkle, little star
    Are my wishes very far
    From fading to reality
    Where happiness is waiting for me

    Guide me please, little star
    To the place I dream of
    Often dream of
    In my heart