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Lyrics & Music, Jessica Harp
C&P 2002 Harpnotes Music (BMI)
All Rights Reserved

Roses are red and violets are blue
Will you be happy if I say I love you
Sugar is sweet and baby you are too
I’m going crazy, what can I do

Do you remember that time, remember that place
Just you and me, oh yeah, and our dates
Well it was then that I knew I felt those feelings again
Just like I did way back when

If I tell you that I love you will you love me back
Well honey you used to yeah I remember that

Well I am yours and babe I wish you were mine
But the moment’s just seeming to slip on by
I wish I could stop it put a hold on time
And tell you everything that I feel inside
Of me

Would you like a cup of coffee would you like to go out
Try not to have a single doubt
That we could go back to how it used to be
When I loved you and honey you loved me

Then you’d hold my hand and whisper in my ear
And I’d start to laugh and you’d dry my tears
You’d say, ‘honey, don’t worry, we’ve got each other again
And we can be so much more than friends’

If I tell you that I love you will you hold me tight
And tell me everything is gonna be alright