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You may or may not know Jessica as a solo indie or country artist, a songwriter or as part of the popular duo, The Wreckers.

Jessica was a solo indie artist first and in 2002 released her first full-length album, Preface.  From there, she almost had a record deal with Elektra but they wanted her to be a pop star.  Eventually, Jess was on her way to signing with a country label but it was then when Michelle Branch called and said that if they wanted to become the duo they had long talked about (and joked about), the time was now.  Jess decided she wanted to pursue that and the Wreckers were born (full name: The Cass County Home Wreckers).

The Wreckers released their debut album in 2006, Stand Still, Look Pretty.  The duo racked up awards and accolades but Jessica always wanted to pursue her dream of a solo career too.  Eventually, the Wreckers time together ended for each to pursue their solo careers.

Jessica began her work on her solo record alongside producer Jerry Flowers.  Even though she made the album she dreamed of making when she was a little girl, the release of her album, A Woman Needs was met with delay after delay.  The first single Boy Like Me (Written by Flowers) didn't chart as well as the label hoped.  The second single, A Woman Needs, met the same fate.  Fed up with the lack of marketing/promo Jessica's albums and sings were getting, her fans actually took it upon themselves to call/email radio stations to try to get AWN more airplay but those attempts were met by stern words from the label to cease and desist because the fans' attempts were actually "hurting" Jessica.

After many announced release dates that never happened, Jessica announced on her message board on March 2, 2010 that A Woman Needs would finally be getting a limited release date to all digital retailers on March 16, 2010 and Amazon would exclusively have the physical release.  Alongside that news, was the bombshell that Jessica was ending her career as a recording artist and going to focus on her songwriting career.

Jess hasn't released new music since then, except for a YouTube video of a new song she wrote with Ruthie Collins, called San Francisco (Not to be confused with You, San Francisco & Me).


Fun Facts

  • Jess was born on February 3, 1982.
  • Jess's favorite sport is football and her team is her hometown Chiefs.
  • Jess is sort of a Diet Coke addict.
  • Jess has a cool hobby: collecting do not disturb signs from hotels