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C & P 1998 Jessica Harp
Unpublished Work
All Rights Reserved

The look in his eyes tells it all
The look on his face makes the call
The way he’s talking, the things he’s saying
Put the writing in place on the wall

I wonder in you what he sees

I know that soon he’ll want to be free
You must be something, he wants your loving
Enough for him to wanna leave me

In his sleep at night, he calls out your name
Since he’s found you, nothing’s the same
He used to tell me, without me, he wouldn’t know what to do
Oh, but with me, all he’s done is found you
With me, all he’s done is found you

What in the world did you do
Do you make him feel like someone new
Cause to me he’s a stranger who’s putting in danger
My heart and my soul too