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C&P 1999 Jessica Harp
Unpublished Work
All Rights Reserved

The first thing I’m reminded of is a beautiful summer day
The way the sun shines on my face, the clouds floating away
The next thing I see is a sparkling lake, all the clouds in the air
The sand on the beach, the children play with not one single care

So what is it that brings to mind all these little thoughts
It’s something that brings up feelings that I could never ever have

Those eyes, oh my
The truest baby blues, bluer than any single sky
And I fear, oh dear
That I just might be falling, oh please will you hold me near
Cause honey, babe, I hope and pray that every day I can see
Those eyes

Why is it that I have to catch my breath when I look at you
Your eyes have something magical, they always know what to do
To make this girl feel like the most beautiful soul alive
Please don’t ever go away, I don’t know if I could survive

Somehow your looks say more then words ever could
And all I need is to look right back, and oh, everything’s so good

Cause honey, babe, I hope and pray that every single night
And darlin’ every single day, I can see
Those eyes