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Some Jess news!

By Jamie | July 22, 2015

Small update…yes I've joined the world and now have Instagram. The first step toward bigger & better news, soon! — Jessica Harp (@jessicaharp) July 21, 2015 But stay tuned…with the news coming I'll want your input, feedback & help with certain decisions!! The end result if all goes well? new 🎤🎶 — Jessica Harp (@jessicaharp)…

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Happy Birthday, Jess!

By Jamie | February 3, 2015

Once again it is Jess’s birthday. We wish her nothing but happiness and love!

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Jessica Harp is a solo country music artist, formerly of The Wreckers

Jessica took a break from music after the release of her debut solo record in 2010 to focus on songwriting. However, she is currently working on new music for herself.

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