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C & P 1998 Jessica Harp
Unpublished Work
All Rights Reserved

My prayers are my only salvation
This beat up old Mustang’s my bed
The words of anger you cried out to me
Cause the pounding inside of my head

I’m all alone in this tunnel
Of hurting and sadness and rage
And the light at the end’s getting darker
As my life turns another blank page

All I can hear is the sound of your voice
It echoes inside of my mind
And why our love grew so far apart
Is one reason I can’t seem to find
This empty street only gets longer
As it sadly calls out my name
I’m taking a trip down roads unknown
From Heartbreak Avenue to Memory Lane

I try to make the headlights shine brighter
To help me find my way
But nothing will work, no light can I find
For the night just won’t turn into day