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Album Review: The Wreckers – ‘Way Back Home: Live at New York’

By Jeff Swindoll
Feb 7, 2008, 13:01 GMT

There are really only two wreckers so they can only wreck a few things at a time. The Wreckers (shortened from the Homewreckers or Cass County Homewreckers) are a country duo of Michelle Branch and Jessica Harp; currently they’ve put this version of themselves on hold while both gals pursue solo careers.

The two friends formed the group in 2004 and gained fame from the performance of their song “The Good Kind” on the show One Tree Hill and a tour of the groups featured on the show. This would lead into the release of their first album ‘Stand Still, Look Pretty’ – which would produce the number one hit “Leave the Pieces” and would eventually secure them a Grammy nomination.

The live album features all songs from ‘Stand Still, Look Pretty.’ As with other live albums this has audience noise and some exchanges with the crowd, so if you want unadulterated versions of the songs then you may want to pick up their debut album.

Also, in a trend that I really like, they include a 64 minute DVD of the live performance for those of us that didn’t get to make it to New York.

The gals have good voices and energy and although the group is paused while they pursue other avenues in solo careers it’s nice to see and hear them together this time.


Jamie has been a fan of Jessica since around the year 2000. She's had a fansite since around 2002-2003 (with a couple hiatuses in there too).