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Jessica Harp Marries Musician

Singer-songwriter Jessica Harp of the Wreckers married violinist and bandmate Jason Mowery during a ceremony Monday (Feb. 4) at an art gallery in Franklin, Tenn., near Nashville. “Growing up, you and your girlfriends talk about getting married, who you will marry, the kind of wedding you want — today exceeded all of my expectations,” Harp said in a press release. “Jason and I feel incredibly lucky to have such amazing family and friends to share this wonderful moment with.” The Wreckers, the duo that also features singer-songwriter Michelle Branch, hit No. 1 in 2006 with their debut single, “Leave the Pieces.” Late last year, Harp and Branch announced plans to release solo albums on Warner Bros. Records during 2008.


Jamie has been a fan of Jessica since around the year 2000. She's had a fansite since around 2002-2003 (with a couple hiatuses in there too).