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C&P 1999 Jessica Harp
Unpublished Work
All Rights Reserved

Angels falling from the sky, learning how to fly
Like raindrops on my windshield
Angels flying all around, never touch the ground
Like clouds above my windshield

Breathe in like there’s quite a lack of air, wanting you to care
But knowing so much better
Breathe out without a bit of doubt, wanting to scream and shout
But knowing patience is required

**I do believe I can do anything
But anything is harder alone
I need more than a companion
But with the recent shortage of angels
That will have to do

Angels flying all around, never touch the ground
Like they have a fear to land
Angels pass me on the street, barely able to greet
Like they just can’t stand to land

Kiss me in just a friend sort of way, if it’s easier that way
I’ll let you off easily
Kiss me though it’s breaking my heart and it’s tearing me apart
Knowing I’m the only one who feels this way


At night when I think of you
And I hold my pillow tight
I fight for the dream of you
Because it feels so right
I’d let you be my angel
I’d let you be my angel
Why won’t you be my angel
I really need an angel