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I took off my iron smile, babe,
’cause I found it weighed me down
Tomorrow when the world wakes up
I’ll be in another town

You don’t know what you want
At this moment could be me
You move your hand across my knee
Turn me in to some novelty

I guess I’m one more girl on a stage
Just one more ass that got stuffed in some jeans
And its one more day that you don’t find true love
Because you don’t know what it means
Yeah yeah

Did you ever take the time to
Think about who I might be
Where I’ve been, what I’m thinkin’
Who I love, what I’ve seen

Yeah yeah, Yeah yeah, Yeah yeah
Oh oh

One more car out on the road there
You might pass on your way home
Someone’s sister, someone’s wife or
Just some bitch who’s probably got no life

Yes I’m


One day we’ll be a pile of ashes
For the rest of time it passes
So take your hand off my knee
Do you know what it means to be


Yeah Yeah