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Lyrics & Music, Jessica Harp
C&P 2002 Harpnotes Music (BMI)
All Rights Reserved

She’s lost in a place
She hardly can face
The night draws her in
It wants to make friends

She’s tangled in fear
She doesn’t see
She’s beautiful
She’s strong and she’s free

But she’ll climb
And she’ll cry
And one day she’ll reach up
Grab on to the sky

And she’ll fly, She’ll find her wings
Wipe off the dust, Peel off the rust
And she’ll fly, She’ll finally see
She’s everything, She always doubted she’d be
And she’ll fly

This big old world
It needs this girl
It needs her smile
And her inner child

Her love and her grace
Because there is a space
For her to fill
And one day she will

And she’ll try
She’ll realize
That she can do anything
Then she’ll close her eyes