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C & P 1998 Jessica Harp
Unpublished Work
All Rights Reserved

V1 You look the kind of person
Who’s got a story to tell
So it sure don’t surprise me
When you tell me you feel like hell

V2 Well, don’t tell me that you
Are gonna give up just like that
And pretend like you don’t care
Or love anyone back

**…If you start to stumble, stumble at all
I’ll be there to catch your fall

Well if you’re sinking
I’ll teach you how to swim
And if you’re falling
I’ll show you how to fly again
And if you’re losing your mind
I’ll try to keep you sane
And if you fall into the fire
I’ll put out the flames
..When your world falls apart
You’ve got me to mend your broken heart

V3 Do you ever feel like you’re drowning
In water two feet deep
Or that you’re climbing a mountain
But you fall cause it’s too darn steep

V4 It’s obvious you’ve been broken
But look, I’m holding out my hand
And no matter what you think
You’re not alone, because I understand