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C & P 1999 Jessica Harp
Unpublished Work
All Rights Reserved

V1. It seemed no situation
Could heal my state of mind
It seemed there was no choice
No relief for me to find

V2. Then you showed your face
Then you showed your soul
And now I realize that
True love takes its toll

The more I feel your love, the less I feel so low
The easier it gets to hold you, the harder it gets to let go
The better this thing keeps getting, the worse I feel without you
The closer and closer I get to your heart, the further and
further away
I get from blue

V3. I’m told love takes work
I’m told of the hurt and pain
But I know how my heart beats
When you whisper my name


You pull fear right from my heart and let trust in
You make me want to improve my state of life
Like a prisoner’s soul on the mend