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C & P 1998 Jessica Harp
Unpublished Work
All Rights Reserved

V1 I was just wonderin’
What do I have to do
To be lucky enough for my
dreams to come true.

V2 I was just thinkin’
How much does my heart have to pay
Before I come across my big break.

Does Cinderella really sometimes find her prince
Do the lost ever get their lives to make sense
Do the heart broken ever turn a color other than blue
And do fairytales really come true

V3 Well hey Godmother
Can you help me out
can you make your magic wand
wash away all my doubt

V4 Well hey there excuse me
I have a question or two
should I just give up
on shootin’ for the moon?


Bridge- Well, no, I don’t think I lost my glass slippers
I never had them to begin with
But can somebody show me
how to be a shining star
Can somebody show me that
it’s worth while to live.