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She took a double barrel twelve gauge buckshot to her alarm clock
She killed that George Strait baby blue with one shot
She was a cussin’ and a screamin’ off the wrong side of the bed
Madder than hell with him in her head
The whole trailer park knew the radio had done it again

Well, damn that radio for playin’ their song
Stirrin’ up a memory she thought was gone
God knows that old DJ don’t know what he’s done
Ah, damn that radio for playin’ their song

Well, she fired up the Chevy and she tore it up down the rural route
Whitewalls rippin’ on two wheels ’round the courthouse
She was at George at WKXY
But she was lookin for the sucker who had left her to cry
Everybody in town was running for a place to hide


Down at the station the phones ring all day long
The whole town callin’, beggin’ please don’t play that song

Now the preacher was preachin’ in the spirit of jubilation
To a sunny day happy face wedding congregation
He read til’ death to us part straight outta the word
and then the Chevy flew by and just flipped him the bird
He said father forgive me as the bride yelled shaking her fist.