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C & P 1999 Jessica Harp
Unpublished Work
All Rights Reserved

V1 She follows the rules of the cools
Just to make sure she fits in
But she’d tie their shoes together behind their backs
If she didn’t think it a sin

V2 He pokes fun at the fat kids
To make things smooth with his friends
But no one knows he used to be a fat boy too
And he cries for the hate within

**That sweet little girl that you sit next to
Well she ain’t the coolest kid in school
And that boy that just saved your life
Well yesterday he was dubbed a fool
Maybe you should take a walk in a stranger’s shoes
To see what kind of mileage they’ve acquired
Cause that kid you trip in the hall each day
Might be an angel, an angel, he might be an angel
In a loser disguise

V3 They call him poor, say he’s a beggar
They say he lives in a shack
And one day when he lives in a palace
He’ll forgive them, he’ll cut undeserved slack

** 2x