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Jess is planning a twitter live chat

Jess announced yesterday she is planning a twitter live chat. Check below for details Ok, so news. I'm going to do some live tweeting where you guys can ask me any question your heart desires and I'll do my best to answer all! — Jessica Harp (@jessicaharp) December 12, 2016 You'll also be able to…

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Some Jess news!

Small update…yes I've joined the world and now have Instagram. The first step toward bigger & better news, soon! — Jessica Harp (@jessicaharp) July 21, 2015 But stay tuned…with the news coming I'll want your input, feedback & help with certain decisions!! The end result if all goes well? new 🎤🎶 — Jessica Harp (@jessicaharp)…

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Site Update: New look and simplified

I was previously receiving at least 100 spam registrations per day. Because of this, I decided to kind of start things over – not allow user registrations or downloads for the time being. Sorry for the inconvenience! If there is some specific media you are looking for, please feel free to send an email!

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